Day 41: Petrified Forest

Yesterday, I took my time leaving PHX after some amazing morning yoga.

Headed north and east and was overjoyed to drive up into elevation and out of the intensely hot (record-setting) temperatures of the desert into PINE TREES!  (Saguaro cacti waved me farewell with their giant arms as I drove out of their view.)  Was surprised and excited to see an elk-crossing sign along the road.  In Arizona.  Who knew!?

Spent the night at an always underwhelming but nonetheless conducive-to-blogging KOA with comfy outdoor seating…then rose this morning to visit the Petrified Forest National Park nearby.  Embarrassingly I don’t recall much from grade school geology lessons, so sometimes all this history of the natural landscape stuff seems like new (and fascinating!) information to me.  I vaguely remember that all the earth’s land once comprised a single supercontinent (Pangaea), but the notion that this area of the country we now call Arizona used to be located near the equator, around about where Costa Rica is today, and filled with lush forest and all the flora and fauna to go with it kinda astounds me.  The Petrified Forest isn’t the most exciting of all the Parks (to me), but the giant trees that fell over eons ago and got washed under bodies of water to be preserved then later exposed as vibrant colored quartz in trunk form…those are pretty out-of-this-world (and from Pangaea, I guess) to me!  The Painted Hills nearby aren’t as beautiful to me as Oregon’s, but I still delight in their colors and try to soak up the essence of them into my highest chakra – my crown of consciousness – which corresponds with the color purple.

Then back on the road toward the Grand Canyon from there…

Doing Learning

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