Day 2: California

I’d never been to California before, so I planned to spend the whole of my first day on the road just getting here.  I felt like I wouldn’t really begin my journey until I got outside of Oregon…but as I drove away from Portland toward the coast, into sunnier weather south and west of the city, I remembered that life is the journey, not the destination.  So I made stops along the way, trying to settle into my snail’s pace (this will be my first challenge – slowing down and taking my time).  Still, driving into California felt like arriving.  I’m in awe of this trip I’m taking and amazed it’s underway.

I spent the day wandering among California’s giant coastal redwoods.  I hurried to get away from the crowds of the park, and when I found a fallen tree that looked like the perfect resting spot, I laid back on it to watch the clouds pass overhead, to marvel at the canopy of trees, and to read the collection of John Muir writings I picked up at the visitor center.  In the couple of hours I spent in that place, I felt myself sinking into the essence of what I hoped to find out here – the quiet, the solitude, contentment.  This is what I’m seeking, and I look forward to creating these moments in all the places I wander.

I hope the spirit of John Muir keeps me company wherever I roam. ❤


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