Day 1: On the Road

I can’t believe I’ve begun this journey.  A year ago, I couldn’t have even imagined it.  Six months ago, I thought it was the batshit craziest idea I’d ever conjured.  Six weeks back, I told the Universe “If this is meant to be, make it happen.  I’ll do what I can, but I’m counting on you to work some magic…”  And somehow, it’s all coming to fruition.  I quit my job, drove a cab for three months, sold a bunch of my worldly belongings, attempted and failed to rent my house and wound up selling it for 45% profit…and now I’m setting out on what seems like it might be the journey of a lifetime.  One of my Lyft riders called me an “intrepid spirit.”  A dear friend endearingly calls me a “vagabond gypsy.”  Some folks have called me crazy; others have called me brave.  I really don’t know what to think…except that I’m hella excited for all that’s about to come my way, even if I’m simultaneously terrified.  It’s gonna be difficult at times (I’ve got no doubt about that), but I’m beyond mystified that I’m braving a solo camping trip across the west.  I hope it’s everything I’ve wished for it to be – and that I come out the other side feeling less lost in space than I’ve felt for a long time.  Here’s to…wandering!


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